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[News] The creative and insteresting solar power stations
As more and more big solar power plants have been installed,the
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[News] Huawei wins the biggest energy storage project contract
Chinese tech giant Huawei Digital Power has signed a contract with China's SEPCOIII, a construction and engineering company and power plant operator, for a 400 MW PV plus 1300 MWh battery energy storage project in Saudi Arabia.Developed by ACWA Power, with SEPCOIII serving as general contractor and
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[News] Crazy cost increasing for LITHIUM BATTERY
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[News] Working principle and characteristics of lithium ion battery
Lithium ion battery refers to a secondary battery composed of two compounds that can reversibly embed and de embed lithium ions as positive and negative electrodes.When the battery is charged, lithium atoms in the cathode are ionized into lithium ions and electrons, and lithium ions move to the anod
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[News] Room for improvement in the recycling of energy storage lithium batteries
Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the U.S. Department of energy released a report detailing the technical, market and regulatory barriers to creating a circular economy for lithium-ion batteries.There is a growing demand for battery technology in energy storage and el
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