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OEM/ODM Energy Solution

With more than 10 years of rich experience, we can provide you with professional and reliable customized services. We have a professional sales team to serve your pre-sales and after-sales, a large team of engineers to answer your technical questions, and sufficient production capacity to meet your quantity needs.
We have provided customized energy solutions for more than 30 well-known brands around the world, and are providing customized services for well-known energy brands.

Cases About Li-ion Battery Powerwall

Cases for Frequency regulating
Location: USA
Capacity: 20MW-20MWh
Delivery time: 2016
Application: Frequency regulating
Cases for Frequency regulating, feed into grid
Location: UK
CCapacity: 25MW-25MWh
Delivery time: 2017
Application: Frequency regulating, feed into grid
Cases for Wind&Solar storage
Location: China
Capacity: 9MW-36MWh
Delivery time: 2019
Application: Wind&Solar storage
Cases for Peak Shaving
Location: China
Capacity: 5MW-10MWh
Delivery time: 2010
Application: Peak Shaving
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