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High Discharge Rate Acorn Stairlift 14.6v 8Ah Lithium Battery 12v Stairlift Battery

  • W-12007

Basic Specification

ItemsItems Parameter
Battery Type Li-ION
Nominal Voltage 14.6V
Nominal Capacity 8Ah
Energy 116Wh
Internal Resistance ≤20mΩ
Terminal T terminal
Limited Charge Voltage 16.4±0.2V
Charge Method CC/CV
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10.0V
Standard Charge Current 2A
Max. Charge Current 4A
Standard Continuous Discharge Current 25A
Pulse Discharge Current (<3s) 35A
Cycle Life > 1000 cycles
Dimension (mm) Length: 220±2  Width: 66±2  Height: 38±2
Weight 0.8±0.1Kg
Charge Temperature Range 0~45℃
Discharge Temperature Range -20~60℃
Recommended Operating Temperature 15~35℃
Self-Discharge Rate (Residual capacity) ≤3%/month; ≤15%/years
Self-Discharge Rate (Reversible capacity)  ≤1.5%/month; ≤8%/years
Storage Temperature & Humidity Range (Less than 1 month) -20~35℃, 45~75%RH
Storage Temperature & Humidity Range (Less than 3 months) -10~35℃, 45~75%RH
Recommended Storage Temperature & Humidity Range 15~35℃,45~75%RH

1.Over five years efforts have been engaged.

2.Long life cycle, >1000 times at 80% DOD

3.Without heavy metals and environment friendly

4.Maintenance free,there is no memory effect

5.Internal BMS with full protection,battery has high voltage protection with higher reliability

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