The New Tech---Cells Contact System Is Firstly Adopt in Battery Pack By WIRENTECH
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The New Tech---Cells Contact System Is Firstly Adopt in Battery Pack By WIRENTECH

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WIRENTECHA leading lithium battery manufacturer in Shenzhen China. The engineer team who inherits over ten years experience as management in technical dept in BYD joined WIRENTECH in 2019. Recently, WIRENTECH announces the great success in battery packs adopted with CCS, which are ahead of industry to develop this tech.

Basic Introduction

CCS ( Cells Contact System ) , also called as integrated bus-bar , or cables integration board, consists of FPC, plastic board, copper and aluminum bars, etc. FPC refers to Flexible Printed Circuit, which is made of flexible materials such as polyimide and polyester film. This technology was first used in aerospace, electric vehicles and telecom station. 


Wire Solution  Vs.  CCS

Previously, when connecting the cells, the workers fix the copper wires to each terminal manually, and tidy them. It will increase the weight and cost, take more times, and be also prone to problems such as short circuit and disconnection of the wires. CCS is a new type of battery contact system. Its developed to replace the copper wires and single bus bar and realize the series-parallel connection by one step only. Put CCS on and laser welding.



Advantages & Functions

Obviously, it simplifies the manufacturing process of the battery, improves production efficiency and suits for large-scale production. Moreover, CCS reduces the number and length of wires, reduces voltage and current loss as a fuse function, and improves the efficiency, reliability, safety, weight, configuration and capacity of signal acquisition of the system. At the same time, the battery CCS can also realize the fast-charging function, which shortens the charging time and improves the charging efficiency. 

production line

Updated Products WT51100

For this module WT51100, it could stand over current 200A/ sampling overcurrent 2A/busbar thickness 1.5mm/grade UL94-V0 flame retardancy/ car level vibration

Generally speaking , CCS, light in weight, small in size, good in heat dissipation, high in safety, convenient in installation and maintenance , and low in overall cost. Its highly recommended!




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