Newly releasing 51.2v 100Ah stacked Lithium iron phosphate battery
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Newly releasing 51.2v 100Ah stacked Lithium iron phosphate battery

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WIRENTECH high quality newly upgraded 51.2v 100ah rack mount lithium battery

China’s WIRENTECH has newly upgraded rack mount lithium iron phosphate battery system with a nominal voltage of 51.2 V. It says that up to 32 modules with a capacity of 5.12KWh can be stacked and connected in parallel for a total capacity of 163.84KWh.

China-based lithium battery manufacturer ShenZhen WIRENTECH Co., Ltd has developed a new rack mount lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery storage system for residential and commercial rooftop applications.

“The WT5100 series is especially suitable for application scenes of high power, limited installation space, wide operating temperature range, unrivalled high temperature performance, and long cycle life,” the manufacturer said.

Up to 32 battery modules can be connected in parallel, with capacities ranging from 5.12 kWh to 163.84 kWh. One module has a nominal voltage of 51.2 V, measures 482 mm x 450 mm x 185 mm, and weighs 45 kg. It is suitable for cabinet- or floor-mounted installation.

Newly upgraded functions including CCS integrated busbar, cooper bar power cables, air breaker (When current in the circuit exceeds the rated current, it will automatically disconnect), balancer port (Users can self-balance battery after a deep cycle running) and B-low volts active ports (This Port is designed for forced charge when battery is low voltage disconnected after a long standby), built-in fire arrestor (The aerosol will be emitted by fire arrester to isolate air when temp reaches or exceeds 200 ℃). “We are very first company who integrating the fire arrestor and adopting CCS busbar tech in small residential battery.” the manufacturer said.

51.2v home energy storage systems

The new product is IP54-rated and has been approved according to CE, UL1973, UN 38.3, MSDS certifications.

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