Huawei wins the biggest energy storage project contract
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Huawei wins the biggest energy storage project contract

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Chinese tech giant Huawei Digital Power has signed a contract with China's SEPCOIII, a construction and engineering company and power plant operator, for a 400 MW PV plus 1300 MWh battery energy storage project in Saudi Arabia.

Developed by ACWA Power, with SEPCOIII serving as general contractor and handling EPC services, the Red Sea Project has been listed as a key project the country's Saudi Vision 2030 initiative that  includes the Red Sea Development and the planned smart city of Neom, located on the Red Sea coast in northwestern Saudi Arabia.

Why HUAWEI can win in the tender? HUAWEI explains that there are two advanced technologies. Firstly it solves the problem of safe and stable operation of large-scale storage independent network, the Grid Forming algorithm can solve the loop current of multiple PCS, the black start, the POD (low frequency oscillation) suppression, and it can be on/off grid, while it is also suitable for extremely weak power grids and strong power grids, which can support SCR (short circuit capacity ratio) 1-25 wide range and flexible adaptation. The second is solving the problem of power supply cost. The life cycle cost of the overall solar storage system is less than 10 cents. In addition, Huawei's delivery time is short, and the operation and maintenance management will bring some value to customers.


According to the agreement, Huawei's intelligent solar storage solution will be started to deliver in June 2022, and the project is scheduled to be completed in March 2023.

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